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Ruth Searle, creator of Rocket Piano, has the credentials and makes a strong case for her “piano learning” product. Her software-based program is easily affordable and as such is my second choice for a piano learning program. There are definite differences between Searle’s program and my first choice. If you have some piano experience or are not a complete neophyte like me, I can see how Rocket Piano would be a very useful learning program.

Rocket Piano is well worth the money. Considering the quantities of materials, the value is certainly sound. Couple that with their 60 day trial program and you can see why I tried it. If you are not satisfied, you do not complete the purchase. It really is as simple as that.

Rocket Piano is software-based and includes no DVDs or play-along CDs. The program does include several free introductory guides that can help you determine your interest. The Rocket Piano program includes 3 booklets detailing a 218 step lesson plan. These lesson plans are the foundation of the program.

You also receive 57 computer video lessons, 133 audio files, a Jazz piano book, a Hymn book and several aides to help learn to read music.

I found the materials to be helpful, but a little overwhelming. For me, the computer based aides were not as practical as DVDs. It took a while to get into actually playing the piano so the hands-on appeal was not as strong.

The program is serious about teaching the aspiring pianist to read music and how to learn to play be “ear”. For example, the Chordinator is a software that helps to learn how to read chords, while the Jayde Musica Pro software teaches note recognition.

Rocket Piano also provides piano quizzes which are geared to track your progress. These programs do lead the student down the right path. They do seem a bit cumbersome to the outright novice.

For me this was my second choice as a learning program. I felt I needed a stronger support network and the computer based program was a little impractical for me, but I believe the program could have taught me to play. For someone with even a little experience, this program might be great.

I found myself staring into the computer and reading more than actually playing. I do believe it had me on the right track, however.
Rocket Piano provides all the material a student needs to learn to play the piano. They do not claim to offer any more support than their extensive materials. This is truly a do-it-yourself learning program.

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