Piano is Fun Review

Piano is Fun

The title tells you a lot. This software-based piano teaching program is a thoughtfully designed instructional tool for children. I am happy to report that it works! However, it does not compare to our other programs as an adult teaching program. The Piano is Fun program was designed about seven years ago by Anthony Fernando, a software developer and musician.

If teaching children to play the piano is your goal Piano is Fun is a fair value. Although lacking visual instruction and printed booklets, it presents children with enough background to keep them interested.

The 20 step-by-step instructional lesson plan includes characterizations, games and aides designed to keep children engaged. It did not do much for me, but our two children still enjoy it. Mr. Fernando has implemented a child-oriented reward program for various levels of achievement.

One of the interesting components of the program is its ability to track the progress of up to 50 students. The Piano is Fun program might very well be useful in assisting on-line music teachers.

Piano is Fun is a software program and that is what the purchaser receives. There are no printed materials. All instruction is guided through studying the software presentations. The program contains many clever instructional games that keep children on their computers. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students receive a printed Certificate of Completion. Our kids enjoyed the reward incentives.

For children, this is probably the best package out there. For adults, I would not recommend it. There is not enough hands-on experience and the support is lacking.
There is not forum or support group interaction. The site does not offer on-line support. The program does offer the student a monitoring program and there is also a place to develop specific lesson plans. I expected a stronger support network.

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