Learn and Master Piano Review

Learn and Master Piano

Learn and Master Piano is produced by the renowned instructional authorities, Legacy Learning. The program features instruction by Grammy Award Winning composer Will Barrow. Those are pretty hefty credentials. What I found was that Learn & Master Piano was far and away the premier piano teaching program on the market.

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To be honest, I bought my learning package on sale through the site. I knew it was more expensive than my other programs, but being familiar with Legacy Learning gave me a lot of confidence.

Learn & Master Piano is more expensive, but it is also the most comprehensive piano teaching program. For me, the value was there. What good does it do to save a very few dollars and not learn to play the piano? With Legacy Learning’s Learn & Master Piano, you get what you pay for. What I received was an instructional program that taught me to play my piano. That was exactly what I wanted.

The Learn and Master Piano teaching program consists of 14 DVDs, 5 Play Along CDs and a 100 page informational booklet. These products provided the perfect mix of learning and recreational enjoyment. They made the instructional process pleasurable. I learned at my own pace and I had fun right from the beginning.

The combination of visual and hard copy instruction provided great hands-on experience but also served as invaluable hard copy reference material. This combination was unequalled by other teaching programs.

In addition to the diverse curriculum, I really liked the flexibility of the program. Everything from Rock to Classical to Ragtime to Latin Piano and more was literally at my finger tips. The variety made the learning even more enjoyable because there is nothing like hearing yourself play your personal favorites.

At the core of The Learn & Master Piano instructional program are the 14 DVDs. I was impressed that I encouraged to play almost immediately. My teachers were professional. I felt like they were in the room showing me how to get started.

Will Barrow has a wonderful teaching style. Assignments were clearly stated. I am pretty goal oriented and I really liked the hands-on step-by-step guidance that was provided.

The 5CDs offer the beginner a chance to play along with the band. I learned a lot about tempo and harmony just by playing familiar songs with the band. At first, it was pretty comical, but it sure made me realize where I needed to progress.

The 100 page booklet gave me a hard copy of the songs and lessons in the videos. This really helped me digest the visual lessons. Also, the well constructed booklet let me return to previous lessons to refresh some things. I have used the book more than I thought I would.

That’s what this is all about. I learned to play the piano! Now I play or practice every day. I have a reliable resource library of DVDs, a booklet and play along CDs that I still enjoy.

I often return to meet with my classmates and it has been enjoyable staying in touch with the Legacy Learning team. If your goal is to learn how to play the piano, Learn & Master Piano is the answer.
Legacy Learning is well known for their support policies. The Learn and Master Piano program is no exception. The web site is a terrific resource presentation. Most advantageous was the on-line support site. This venue brings the whole program together. The student meets other students, visiting piano enthusiasts and the course instructors.

The support network offered a 24/7 platform where progress could be tracked, concerns voiced and advice received. This on-line support network made me realize that I not only had classmates, but that the instructors were interested in how the students were progressing. The Legacy Learning site and support network are unequalled.

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