How You Can Play Piano By Ear

The pianist with a musically trained ear not only plays better but enjoys the music with newfound passion and understanding. While the basics of music theory are important, the trained ear gets it when it comes to the practical application of theory. When listeners hear two musicians play the same song, they often wonder what makes such a difference. The difference is usually the practiced ear.

Learning notes, chords and progressions and the interaction of each within a composition is imperative, but those fictions take on new meaning with a trained ear. The key to accomplished play is to combine the trained ear with the basics of music theory.

Thanks to today’s technology, new software programs and learn piano DVDs have been created to provide this musical ear training. In carefully scripted lessons, professional instructors work through notes, chords and progressions until recognizing them becomes second nature. For added convenience, these programs can be downloaded to any home computer and come with reliable support programs and plenty of instruction.

The musical ear has always been regarded as a gift. Now, it should be held as an acquired skill. The new software programs are ready when you are. Schedule your training at times convenient to you, not according to an instructor’s schedule. To learn effectively will require time and effort, but as every pianist knows, gaining that ear is a decided advantage to better and more enjoyable performance.

Training the ear will help the pianist learn songs faster and will eliminate the need to memorize progressions. You will understand what should happen next in each piece. Once the ear is trained, music will never sound the same again and you will appreciate just what you have been missing. Many piano instructors do not have a trained ear and thus do not stress the significance of this skill.

Developing the ear by conventional instruction will take hours upon hours at great expense. Learning form these software programs is accomplished at your own pace in the comfort of your home. The instruction is carefully planned to allow the ear develop through series of progressions. There is no quick way to train the ear so practice is necessary, but the results will bring new meaning to every played piece.

Imagine never needing sheet music again. Hum songs with confidence and play with the ability to shape the sound to your audience. These are benefits of the trainer ear. Best yet, is that this acquired skill can now be learned by purchasing and downloading a comprehensive training program. Easy to load, easy to learn, today’s ear training is cost effective and result oriented.

There is nothing like listening to the piano played by someone with an educated ear. You can probably tell the difference now. If you want to take your piano playing to the next level, smooth out every delivery and play with newfound confidence and understanding try one of today’s dynamic ear training programs.

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