Gospel Piano Lessons

If you have always wanted to learn to play black gospel music, southern gospel music or add some flavor to the jazz gospel you already play, there are terrific online opportunities.  Now, you can learn gospel piano through online courses that let you watch, learn and understand the gospel techniques in the comfort of your own home or studio and on your own piano.

Best of all, you will learn from accomplished musicians who know how to play and teach gospel.  All DVD lessons are professionally produced and complimented with hard copy materials that can serve as valuable resource and learning materials.

To play gospel, you will need to learn chords.  You’ll be reading chords, working around chords and listening for chords and the online gospel piano lessons will teach you more than just the major and minor chords.  When you are puzzled, just return to the previous lesson and stick with it until you completely understand the direction.  With online gospel piano lessons, there is no time frame, no set practice or study time, just a relaxed learning environment designed to help you succeed.

When you understand the chords, you will learn about filling in the chords.  These extra notes beside the chords are what makes gospel piano so unique and magnetic.  When you have learned to make riffs, your prowess will be admired by all.  The online gospel piano lessons will take you there.

If you have thought about learning to play gospel, you know how difficult it is to find a qualified instructor.  Even if you find someone, will they be able to teach you how to play by ear and chords?  For gospel, this is usually an exercise best accomplished through repetition and practice.  Online gospel piano lessons can teach you what you need to know and what you need to practice.  Confused?  Okay, return to the lesson plan at any time and refresh the experience.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  It works!

Here are a few important components of the gospel piano playing experience that you will learn:

  • Bigger chord voicings
  • Grooves and patterns
  • Improvisation scales and patterns
  • Hand independence
  • Black gospel chords
  • Southern gospel chords
  • Re-harmonization techniques

You will also learn to arrange a song and come to understand the composition of arrangements and what makes gospel arrangements work.  Along the way, you will learn to those distinctive bass lines that fill out the gospel music you love.  Learn at your own pace and practice as much as you want with the online DVD Gospel Piano Lessons.

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