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Gospel Piano Lessons

If you have always wanted to learn to play black gospel music, southern gospel music or add some flavor to the jazz gospel you already play, there are terrific online opportunities.  Now, you can learn gospel piano through online courses that let you watch, learn and understand the gospel techniques in the comfort of your own home or studio and on your own piano.

Best of all, you will learn from accomplished musicians who know how to play and teach gospel.  All DVD lessons are professionally produced and complimented with hard copy materials that can serve as valuable resource and learning materials.

To play gospel, you will need to learn chords.  You’ll be reading chords, working around chords and listening for chords and the online gospel piano lessons will teach you more than just the major and minor chords.  When you are puzzled, just return to the previous lesson and stick with it until you completely understand the direction.  With online gospel piano lessons, there is no time frame, no set practice or study time, just a relaxed learning environment designed to help you succeed.

When you understand the chords, you will learn about filling in the chords.  These extra notes beside the chords are what makes gospel piano so unique and magnetic.  When you have learned to make riffs, your prowess will be admired by all.  The online gospel piano lessons will take you there.

If you have thought about learning to play gospel, you know how difficult it is to find a qualified instructor.  Even if you find someone, will they be able to teach you how to play by ear and chords?  For gospel, this is usually an exercise best accomplished through repetition and practice.  Online gospel piano lessons can teach you what you need to know and what you need to practice.  Confused?  Okay, return to the lesson plan at any time and refresh the experience.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  It works!

Here are a few important components of the gospel piano playing experience that you will learn:

  • Bigger chord voicings
  • Grooves and patterns
  • Improvisation scales and patterns
  • Hand independence
  • Black gospel chords
  • Southern gospel chords
  • Re-harmonization techniques

You will also learn to arrange a song and come to understand the composition of arrangements and what makes gospel arrangements work.  Along the way, you will learn to those distinctive bass lines that fill out the gospel music you love.  Learn at your own pace and practice as much as you want with the online DVD Gospel Piano Lessons.

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The Best Way to Beginning Piano Lessons

The magical piano can look like an imposing instrument.  That is because beginning pianists associate learning to play the piano with hours of structure and discipline.  Well, there is good news for today’s beginning piano players.  Everything you need to learn to play the piano can be found online.  There’s more good news!  Say goodbye to hours of inconvenient practice time and those stodgy old disciplinarians.  Today’s piano students learn to play with organized software and DVD curriculums that can be learned in the comfort of your own home and can be practiced as much and as often as you like on a schedule of your choosing.  How’s that for convenience and flexibility.

Players of all experience levels are invited to join the fun of the online learning experience.  Most beginning piano lessons will start with instruction about learning to form scales, piano chords. Arpeggios, modes for the piano notes on the treble and bass and simple chord progressions.  After the first two lessons, which students can re-visit whenever and wherever they please, that imposing piano will no longer look imposing.  In fact, your online instructors, software, piano DVD courses and supporting materials will have you felling very positive and excited about your new musical instrument.

The most important lessons in any beginning piano lesson curriculum are the first two lessons.  By learning to play the piano scales and then by learning the piano chords, the rest of the lessons and the piano playing experience will take meaningful shape.

Remember that with online piano courses, your rehearsal studio and all the support you need are available 24/7.  What a change!  No more grueling cram sessions trying to get ready for the next lesson.  Re-start the previous lesson, keep re-working the scales and chords as often as you like and watch the video instructors show you how to play.  Then you are ready fro lesson three.  Now, learning the piano is not a laborious undertaking, it is a fun and exciting experience that is loaded with potential.

Your online learning experience will be rewarding and fun, just the way you envisioned it should be.  No more grueling hours playing single notes and then waiting for more direction.  Learn at your own pace and your own speed.  You will have a solid musical foundation before you know it and much quicker than with a private instructor.  If your goal is to have a hands-on, affordable piano learning experience, what are you waiting for?

Shop for your beginning piano lessons like you do for just about everything else.  Go online and learn the 21st century way to play the piano.  You’ll be glad you did.

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The Different Methods of Learning to Play Piano

People love music.  Some people sing.  Others dance.  Others who cannot carry a tune sing inside the shower.  Others love to unwind in karaoke bars.  Many love to watch musical talent shows on the boob tube.  A few others want to learn how to play a musical instrument.

The piano is a well-liked musical instrument.  There are different ways to learn how to play piano. There are various challenges in learning.  There are advantages and disadvantages.

1.    Traditional ways of learning how to play piano

•    Private lessons
You can arrange for private lessons.  You can go to a music studio or a music school to get these lessons.  You can schedule after work or school.  Some of the disadvantages you may need to deal with  include traffic, bad weather conditions and cancellations.  However, these minor hassles will pay off once you learn to play piano.

•    Play piano by ear
You can also learn how to play piano by ear.  You need to pick out a song with a simple melody.  Try to pick out the notes and play them on the piano. Listen to the intervals to get the melody.  Then, try to determine a few chords.  Play these chords in various ways to get your chord voicing.  You only need to remember that learning to play piano by ear involves melody, chords and chord voicing.     This may be difficult in the beginning.  However, when you get the hang of it, the process will be simpler.

2.    Modern ways of learning how to play piano

•    Online lessons
Learning how to play piano is accessible online.  There are many sites which offer tutorials on how to play piano.  There are also music teachers who offer lessons online.  You can learn how to play piano at your own pace.  The minor inconveniences involve internet connections and interruptions.

•    Piano lesson DVDs
You can also opt for piano lesson dvds.  You only need to know the best piano software accessible in the market. Piano teaching software covers beginners and advanced students.  You do not have to go to a studio and beat the traffic to get your lessons.   You can learn how to play piano in the convenience of your own home.

The diverse methods presented have their own merits and demerits to reckon with. Learning how to play piano is not a one-day deal.  It is a process.  That is why it is important to consider how you are going to learn it.   At the end of the day, what matters is whether you learned or not.

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What Values Do Piano Lessons Teach?

The old cliché says that it is not the triumph that matters but the journey one takes.  The same goes for piano lessons.  Piano lessons may hold important life lessons. They foster creativity, discipline, and patience.  The development of these characteristics can go a long way in weathering the ups and downs of life.

Piano lessons develop creativity

Those who play the piano may explore wider horizons like composing songs. In life, being creative helps in dealing with challenges and difficulties.  Resourcefulness helps in finding solutions to problems.   Ingenuity offers more meaningful and colorful answers to questions.

Piano lessons increase learning abilities

These lessons increase mental activities.  Complicated notes, measures, phrases must synchronize to create music.  The student needs to study, practice and learn. In life, one needs to continue to learn.  Learning equips one with the necessary knowledge to deal with certain issues and concerns.

Piano lessons help set goals

The student learns to stay focused.  It requires forming good habits and discipline to be able to achieve these goals.  In life, it is good to have a goal.  Goals motivate people to work hard to attain them.  Setting up goals inspires people to move forward.

Piano lessons foster confidence

It takes confidence to be able to perform.  It requires confidence to be able to learn a difficult song.  In life, one needs confidence to be able to relate well.  It takes confidence to be able to carry oneself among friends, family and other people.   It takes confidence to stay graceful and calm in difficult situations.

Piano lessons teach perseverance

Learning to play the piano teaches students to keep on trying no matter how difficult it can get.  In life, one needs to persevere in order to be successful.  Perseverance separates winners from losers.   Winners do not easily give up.

Performing and creating beautiful music are the results of effective piano lesson DVDs or private lessons.  Learning good values along these lessons makes an effective student.  Applying what one has learned may make a good artist or piano player.  Applying the good characteristics learned along the way makes a good person.  Piano lessons may not only create good musicians but better individuals.

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How You Can Play Piano By Ear

The pianist with a musically trained ear not only plays better but enjoys the music with newfound passion and understanding. While the basics of music theory are important, the trained ear gets it when it comes to the practical application of theory. When listeners hear two musicians play the same song, they often wonder what makes such a difference. The difference is usually the practiced ear.

Learning notes, chords and progressions and the interaction of each within a composition is imperative, but those fictions take on new meaning with a trained ear. The key to accomplished play is to combine the trained ear with the basics of music theory.

Thanks to today’s technology, new software programs and learn piano DVDs have been created to provide this musical ear training. In carefully scripted lessons, professional instructors work through notes, chords and progressions until recognizing them becomes second nature. For added convenience, these programs can be downloaded to any home computer and come with reliable support programs and plenty of instruction.

The musical ear has always been regarded as a gift. Now, it should be held as an acquired skill. The new software programs are ready when you are. Schedule your training at times convenient to you, not according to an instructor’s schedule. To learn effectively will require time and effort, but as every pianist knows, gaining that ear is a decided advantage to better and more enjoyable performance.

Training the ear will help the pianist learn songs faster and will eliminate the need to memorize progressions. You will understand what should happen next in each piece. Once the ear is trained, music will never sound the same again and you will appreciate just what you have been missing. Many piano instructors do not have a trained ear and thus do not stress the significance of this skill.

Developing the ear by conventional instruction will take hours upon hours at great expense. Learning form these software programs is accomplished at your own pace in the comfort of your home. The instruction is carefully planned to allow the ear develop through series of progressions. There is no quick way to train the ear so practice is necessary, but the results will bring new meaning to every played piece.

Imagine never needing sheet music again. Hum songs with confidence and play with the ability to shape the sound to your audience. These are benefits of the trainer ear. Best yet, is that this acquired skill can now be learned by purchasing and downloading a comprehensive training program. Easy to load, easy to learn, today’s ear training is cost effective and result oriented.

There is nothing like listening to the piano played by someone with an educated ear. You can probably tell the difference now. If you want to take your piano playing to the next level, smooth out every delivery and play with newfound confidence and understanding try one of today’s dynamic ear training programs.

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