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We just purchased our very first piano. Believe it or not, we went for a baby grand! My wife has some training, but I was an official piano player wannabe. I decided that my time had come.

After you purchase a piano, you want a good experience while learning to play. I considered professional lessons but I need to learn at my own pace, on my own schedule. Lessons can be expensive and they can be an imposition.

So, off to the internet I went. I scoured the learn-to-play-piano sites and was amazed at the diversity of available products. There were plenty of teaching programs out there. I needed one that worked. I spent a fair amount of time doing my homework and came up with three very different programs.

I suspected learning to play the piano would require multi-faceted training. I was wrong about that. The three most popular piano teaching programs had distinct differences. So, I decided to try them all.

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